Credit cards often collaborate with commercial shops, this is intended to attract customers and provide more pleasure for its users. If you tend to use it a lot for culinary, make a lot of credit cards that provide promos in restaurants. Or if you like things that smell like fashion, make a lot of credit cards that provide promos at fashion outlets. Whatever you like, find out more about the credit card promotions offered before making your choice.


Have a maximum of 2 Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Although it provides a lot of convenience and enjoyment, you must limit yourself so that you do not have a credit card of more than 2 pieces. Because more and more credit cards give you a greater chance to overuse them and generate accumulated debt. The more debt the more weight you have to pay. So, don’t have too many credit cards, because even though it looks easy, there are dangers that are waiting for you in the future.


Set a Credit Card Limit

As above, you ideally only have 2 credit cards. With 2 credit cards, you should be able to meet all your needs if you are good at managing it. Each credit card has a credit card limit that you can determine according to your abilities and needs. So that you can use a credit card smartly, one way is to determine one of your credit cards with a small limit, so that expenses can be more regulated and the other with a bigger limit in case you need it. Remember, do not make the peg bigger than the pole.


Determine the Credit Card Usage Budget

Set a Credit Card Limit

Each credit card has its own limit, always try to use a credit card below the specified limit. For example, your credit card limit is 4 million dollars, it would be better and safer if you do not use it up to 4 million or even more. Because the size of the limit does not indicate that you have to use it to the maximum extent. Do not use a credit card to exceed the specified limit, because you will be charged a fine. Be aware of your financial capabilities and use credit cards wisely.


Think Long Before Shopping

Shopping can be done because of the needs or desires. Not all your desires are what you need and vice versa. Thinking long before shopping is important, because it is not uncommon for you to buy something just because of passion or desire while you really do not really need or want. Therefore, before you use a credit card to satisfy your shopping desires, think first about its usefulness, whether it is important, useful, and the price is worth it or not.


Monitor and use reward points

Think Long Before Shopping

Conscious or not, every time you shop using a credit card, your credit card points increase. The number of points that have been collected can be exchanged for goods or attractive promos. This point redemption is one of the benefits of a credit card, but you must be careful and observant in monitoring and using your reward points. With the point reward, using a credit card is more profitable and enjoyable.

Knowing Is Not Enough

So, those are some smart tips for using a credit card. It’s not enough just to know, you have to start applying it so that your finances are organized, spending needs are still met, and smart in spending money. Be smart at using credit cards! What are you waiting for? Immediately find the right credit card, use it wisely, and let’s shop smart.

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